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You are looking for an opportunity to gain practical experience during your studies? Discover our exciting work environment already as a student and lay the foundation for your future career with TTTech Group. We offer a wide range of entry-level career opportunities, that enable you to complement your theoretical knowledge with work experience: To meet the needs of your specific academic curriculum, a variety of individual internship arrangements are available with technical or commercial focus – ranging from summer internships to mandatory internships. We offer you the chance to take a look over our experts’ shoulder during their daily work and actively contribute to our innovative projects. Apply online for our internship positions. Besides part-time jobs in commercial and technical areas, we also offer you qualified supervision of your master or PhD thesis. If you are interested in contributing to cutting-edge technology development, have a look at our research topic proposals and directly apply online for one of the thesis projects below. Join us and actively steer your personal development, by turning your theoretical knowledge into practice. Experience our unique work environment in a familiar atmosphere and become part of a dedicated and committed international team. Discover our current job opportunities for students listed below or send us your unsolicited application . We are looking forward to receiving your online application!
Internships Part-time jobs Master theses supervision
You just graduated in a technical or commercial field? Start your career at TTTech Group and contribute your knowledge to our exciting projects in one of the following areas, depending on your skills and interests: Depending on your individual career aspirations, you may either acquire expert know-how in your chosen field or alternatively broaden your experience in a different area through our job rotation opportunities after your training period. Training on the job combined with theoretical inputs from our TTTech Academy provide a solid basis for your career at TTTech Group Join us and share our dedication for pioneering technologies and exciting projects. Benefit from our diverse career opportunities and flexible working arrangements that can be tailored to your individual needs, as well as our centrally located offices. Discover our current job opportunities for graduates listed below or send us your unsolicited application . We are looking forward to your online application!
Project Engineering

Permissioned blockchains will also support tokenized assets, by the way, including eventually sovereign currencies. The difference is that the goal will be effective tracking more than profitable trading.

Another way to think of this is that cryptoassets divorce the exchange function of cryptocurrency tokens from their utility functions. If you want to use bitcoin to pay merchants, Ethereum’s ether to purchase computing cycles for distributed applications, Filecoin to purchase cloud file storage, or Augur Rep to verify the results of prediction markets, you put a value on those tokens based on what you get out of the application. In theory, more demand for use in the application means less available supply, which pushes up the price. In practice, none of the applications are significant yet, so the value of the tokens is highly speculative. Speculation isn’t necessarily a bad thing; it’s the appetite for risk that drives financial markets. Sometimes, though, that speculation drives markets over a cliff. The key question for cryptoassets is whether and how speculative instincts will be modulated.

“Cryptoassets divorce the exchange function of cryptocurrency tokens from their utility functions.”

If cryptoasset markets develop, there are all sorts of interesting possibilities for “tokenizing” physical things like commodities and real estate, digital things like intellectual property, and other kinds of rights, using the financial engineering and analytics tools Wall Street has developed over the years. The necessary foundations are already being built.

Don’t Cross the Streams

The stories aren’t mutually exclusive, per se. The success or failure of any one vision doesn’t necessarily imply much about the others. Cryptocurrencies have the most disruptive potential, because they promise to decentralize power. That also creates the biggest barriers to success. Both blockchain systems and cryptoassets scale back that decentralization for other benefits. They differ in the uses they target, so it’s not a competition to determine the right answer. Crossovers can generate significant opportunities, but they need to be evaluated in their own lane. Initial coin offerings (ICOs), for example, fuse cryptocurrencies and cryptoassets. Should they be assessed as a new form of crowdfunding or a way to kickstart decentralized economies? What counts as success or failure looks different depending on the answer.

Deciding which is the “real” phenomenon can be an entertaining parlor game, but it’s ultimately not enlightening. Any judgments about success or failure of blockchain-related technologies need to be couched in terms of the relevant sub-category. When observers point to enterprise adoption and high prices on cryptoasset exchanges as evidence for the viability of cryptocurrencies, they’re crossing the streams. The fact that there’s massive fraud and theft in the ICO world doesn’t tell you much about government initiatives around distributed ledgers. Whether or not there’s a good business American Rag Womens Averi Open T American Rag Order Cheap Online AJB1Sg
(or something blockchain-like) says little about the prospects for decentralized automated organizations .

Intended for experienced practitioners, plus academics and others interested in innovative ideas in learning evaluation.

This Workshop is designed to introduce two innovative frameworks for learning evaluation, (1) a new approach to learner-feedback questions that enables a focus on learning effectiveness, and (2) an evaluation model inspired by science-of-learning fundamentals and designed as a significant improvement over the dominant model used in workplace learning, the Kirkpatrick-Katzell Four-Level Model of Training Evaluation. Delegates will leave the session with a firm foundation of each—enough to be inspired and enabled to learn more, and capable to introduce these new tools to their organisations.

We are proud to announce OEB's first speakers and sessions discussing the latest trends and developments in the learning and trainingsector. Check back for updates on our agenda coveringa wide range of topics for an even wider variety of learning professionals!


How Are Students’ Expectations and Experiences of Their Digital Environment Changing - and What This Means for Your Organisation



Universities are increasingly working in partnership with their students on the development of their digital environment. As a result, students experience a digitally enabled learning experience which better meets their needs and offers them the digital skills they require for the workplace. But do we really know how students are using technology and how are their expectations changing? This interactive Learning Café will provide you with an overview of innovative approaches universities are using to gather their students’ views on digital - and how they are they are using the data collected in the 2018 Jisc Tracker surveys to inform the development of their digitally enhanced learning and teaching provision. Hear about their practices, based on over 58,000 student responses worldwide, and explore what these mean in your own context.


How to Effectively Use Design Thinking in Learning Experience Design



This Knowledge Factory for Instructional and Learning Designers offers evidence-informed research, practical examples, and insights into an effective combination of design thinking methodologies and ‘more traditional’ learning design methodologies. Under the guidance of an expert facilitator you will investigate why, in which context and when in the design process you can apply appropriate design thinking techniques and when to rely on your learning expertise to achieve the best learning experience design possible. Join and solve your personal learning design challenge!

Timely, Flexible, Mobile

Cost-effective Capacity Building:DEVCO, FAO, Frontex, ITC-ILO, Kiron, United Nations Volunteers and UNICEF take charge

Nina Huntemann

edX, USA

Nina Huntemann is director of academics and research at edX. In this role, Nina is leading cross institution faculty initiatives, developing curriculum strategies and providing pedagogical expertise, managing educational policy projects, and facilitating research across edX university partners. Nina has over 15 years of college-level teaching, program administration, and faculty development experience. Prior to joining edX, she was an associate professor in the Department of Communication and Journalism at Suffolk University in Boston where she taught courses and published research in digital media studies. Nina received her Ph.D. in communication at the University of Massachusetts Amherst.




The Learning Research Quiz Show



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